Outdoor locations are always a great idea when 
possible, especially in the middle of the day when 
the sun is at it's best. In the winter months, 
morning and afternoon hours are great for the 
most lighting potential. In the summer months, 
afternoon and evening hours work best for 
lighting sources.

Indoor locations are preferred to have as much 
natural lighting as possible. The more windows 
the better. The less I have to use a flash the 
better. If you are unsure about a location,
please contact me and I will help you out as 
much as I can.

To give you the best possible images, 
keep your clothing simple and timeless but 
don't forget about textures and layers. 
(knitted pieces, linen, corduroy, denim, etc.)
Don't be afraid of color and basic patterns. 
Have fun with the clothes!
I am available for pre-session meetings to 
go over attire if needed.

Please leave clothing with large logos and 
pictures at home. Too much information can 
take away from the subject and our goal is to 
bring attention to you instead of your clothes. 

Solid colored clothing is always welcomed and 
comes across wonderfully on film. 
If you don't know what to bring, try picking some 
solid colors that will contrast and compliment the 
background. Black and white is always a safe 
choice and looks wonderful in B&W images.

Remember...accessories are a lot of fun to add 
to an outfit. If you are unsure, just bring it and we 
can find a way to tie them in. Scarves, hats, bags, 
glasses, bows, and anything else that might help 
bring some fun to your photos.

Recommended Clothing Links:
(clothing sites with fun ideas)

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