Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Things!!

I have been waiting and waiting for some canvas prints that I ordered about a week and a half ago. Today I was ecstatic when I heard the doorbell ring and saw the big, huge, box outside my door. YAY!! They turned out AMAZING and would recommend everyone to buy these. They are beautiful.
(it goes 30x40, 24x24 & 16x24)

Anyways, I've been giddy all afternoon about these pictures, that I completely didn't notice how happy and quiet Cohen has been. Until, I saw that he received something in the mail too!!  A big, huge, box. Or what we call, a stage!! He has been on this box all day! He's been dancing, singing, watching TV, eating, and basically anything that he can possibly do on a box....he's been doing! =) He loves to climb on things now and so how fun is that!! I think that I am even more excited about Cohen being entertained with this box, than I am about the pictures! haha =) So here's a little preview of Cohen and his stage! =)


Michelle said...

i love those canvas prints carley! they are beautiful! where did you order them from? cohen is adorable...oh and p.s. we have the same space heater haha

Carley K. Slater said...

i ordered them from the photo lab i use. i had a 50% off coupon....they are soooooo expensive but definitely a good investment. They are absolutely gorgeous!! miss you girl!! =)

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