Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ft. Wayne, IN Photographer: Abby

One of my very good friends, Abby, is just weeks away from having her
second baby! A baby boy as a matter of fact! I love this girl to death and had a blast taking her
maternity pics! As you can see, she is beautiful as it is, but looked incredible on this shoot. Pregnancy fits well on her! Love you girl and hope you enjoy your sneak peek!


Alison said...

Love these! Where o where are her cute sweaters from? I am loving all your new pictures, they are beyond amazing!

Heidi K Christner said...

I love the one with Drew and Abby belly to belly. Too fun! She is beautiful!!

Carley K. Slater said...

i know the navy and white sweater is from macy's....not maternity was PERFECT!

SNL Photo said...

These are lovely! Congrats hun!

Stacy Krager said...

Goodness! Such a great session! I love that you two get to photograph each other's fun!!

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