Friday, April 16, 2010

Room Re-do Pt. 2

As I told you before (here), I am re-decorating my living room. And, as I said before....
I would be showing you my process with before and afters. Well....I've lost my befores!!!! I am sooo bummed. It is such a big difference and I wanted you to see. Oh well! What do you do? 

Anyways, here are some of my afters so far.....

Thanks to the Chase rewards program from our bank, I received a $100 giftcard from 
Pottery Barn to help with the decor. The pillows to be exact. Most of them.....2 of the green pillows are from TJ Maxx that matched EXACTLY! What are the chances of that happening??? =) The ivory afghan on the left was a gift from my great aunt that I LOVE! Handmade, by the way.

White blanket from Target for $9!

Then my favorite piece in the room. My $6 coffee table from Goodwill that I found and re-painted black. It's just perfect and I love it so much. I would like to get 2 big pillows and stick them underneath. Maybe some yellow and white ones. On top of the coffee table is a bowl from Pottery Barn that I already had and some white decorative balls I had from the Target Clearance aisle. Right now, there are some decorating and fashion books on the bottom, but I'm hoping to find a better place for those. 

And here is the full room shot....Much more fresh and simple! I am loving it. I found the PERFECT rug at Pottery Barn that is on clearance, that I'm hoping to snatch up sometime....but we'll see. It would be an out of budget expense for sure. =)

Enjoy! Hopefully I will be back with some more update fun! But that's all for now!

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