Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Home Re-do

Well, as many of you know....I have a passion for photography! I love how it allows me
to use my creativity and love for design to give people memories for a lifetime. What many of you might not know....I also have a passion for interior design. Every aspect of it. The more challenging, the more fun. The tighter the budget, the more creative I can be. 

I have felt that my own home has seen better days. I have lots of pieces that I like, but
feel like things just aren't clickin' and it doesn't show any bit of my creativity. I decided to put my passion to the test. On an EXTREMELY low budget! YAY! I want fresh, clean, fun and simple! I take a lot of this home re-design inspiration from one of my favorite blogs.....Young House Love. If you have never been there, you MUST go! They are a young, fun couple who thrives on doing budget friendly renovations to their home. It's amazing what you can do with a little paint and elbow grease. JUST my style! Gimme some wood, a saw, and a hammer and nails.....and I'm in heaven! =) 

I have decided to do some before and afters of my own home (apartment for now). I made a few changes
before I took the pics, but it's basically a complete before and after. I will keep posting through my progress! Here's what I've got going right now. 

I've decided that I love the colors WHITE and green! I want fresh and clean remember! I've also got
some bright yellow accents here and there! To fireplace mantle! This is only an after....sorry about that....the before was pretty blah tho!

Yummy daffodils from Trader Joes....$1.49 a bundle!

Vase and green flowers from Michaels.....50% off! I owned everything else!

Now onto my couch wall....I had those 3 great canvas' of the family that I LOVED, but thought
it was boring and needed a little color!



I had the 2 dark shelves, the 3 china tea cups and the white frame already. A little hobby lobby 50% off
deal got me the rest! Gotta love Hobby Lobby!!!

And last for office/hutch! I am trying to decide what to do to the actual hutch itself, but I've got the top of it done for now! 



I had everything except the lemons, limes and candlesticks....from Hobby Lobby for 50% off!

Stay tuned for some more updates and do-it-yourself furniture updates! YAY!


amadi_construction said...

Always good to combine functionality with style when heating your home. The fireplace should be the dramatic focal point of your room, so it needs to be in keeping with your chosen colour scheme and style
good luck

Alison said...

Love everything! I need some help in my kitchen...any advice would be great! Need fabric, accessories, etc.

Carley K. Slater said...

picking out fabric is the most fun ever! haha I love it. you should get some fruits and flowers to bring in some color.

Rachel said...

my house needs HELP...come help me anytime girl! amazing!

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