Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spring Schedule!

Well, I'm so happy to say that spring is on it's way. And I'm hoping the
nice weather is coming fast!! I am starting to book up weekends already, so if you know of a time
you would like to get me ASAP! Also, I have dates for the next 3 months of when I will be back in Indiana. When it gets warmer out...I am packed full of sessions. I will be limiting each weekend to 5 sessions. Here's where I stand with dates at this point. 

March 13-14th

April 17-18th

May 15-16th

I am open to booking some in between if necessary, for a $50 travel fee! (for Indiana)

There are lots of new, fun things brewing up over here at Carley Kay Photography for 2010! Lots of specials and discounts ready to give out. (get your referrals ready) Book your session and you will get the VIP service! hehe =)

Looking forward to seeing old faces and especially meeting new ones! Let the SPRING......BEGIN!

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