Monday, February 15, 2010


As I'm sure most of us are......I am soooo over Winter. No more snow! No more icicles! No more
salt tracks up my stairs! No more coats! No more mittens! No more worries, and no more cares! (like how that rhymed?) I am having a bit of the winter blues. I just want to take my son on a walk to the park. I want to smell the roses. I want to leave the house without hats, gloves, and coats. I am DONE with starting the car 10 minutes before we leave. Please Winter....go away. Come again......somewhere else.

Last week when I went to the grocery, I couldn't help but notice the sea of flowers all over the place for Valentine's Day. They had the most gorgeous Tulip plants in an array of colors. I have never bought fresh, uncut, flowers before.....but HAD to bring some home. There is nothing like having fresh flowers in your house to cheer you up. They have made my sad winter blues, slightly go away. They also give me hope that Spring is truly on it's way. I just hope it starts next week. ;)

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Rachel said...

Oh, honey, I am SO with you on this one! It's snowing as I write this! Ugh!

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