Thursday, February 18, 2010

Trader Joes

There's not many things in life that make you feel giddy inside every time. 
I mean, really, really giddy! ;) Well for me, my guilty, giddy, pleasure would have to be Trader Joe's! I have always wanted to go into one, but it wasn't until my friend Rebekah INSISTED that I go in! And boy o' boy was she right! I have always been into organic and being "green", but didn't make the big change until about a month ago. Now, we drink organic milk and eat organic dairy and eggs. It's a big change, not only to your wallet....but to your well being. But let me tell you, it's more than worth it. I don't think I have ever been ecstatic over buying butter, until I made the organic purchase. I guess I just never even knew there was organic butter out there. I can't tell you the joy it gave me. haha =) (ooooohhhh the small things in life) We have made pretty big changes in our house over the last month, but one that I am most proud of.....Trader Joe's! I'll tell you more of the changes in a later post. 

If you have a TJ's nearby.....or if you ever see one driving by.....please stop in! It's a breath of fresh air! You will want to go back. 

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