Friday, September 11, 2009

Just peachy...

Well life in the toddler world definitely has it's joys and it's challenges. One day you're up, and one day you're down. Especially when it comes to food. Ooooohhhh about a challenge. I cringe when I have to think about making Cohen lunch and dinner. He is so picky and always wants the same things....fruit, cheese tortillas, and grilled cheese. On an up day, he might try some chicken or ravioli...but today, wasn't into ANYTHING. Just blueberries, and mixed fruit. So while I fixed 3 different lunches for him today...he denied me everytime. urgh...=( In the midst of my frustration, I told's fine if he wants only fruit today. Just smile and load up the fruit.

Well yesterday, I went to the grocery and was so proud of myself because I picked the 6 best peaches they had. Yes, the top 6! Plus, they were on sale. YAY! So this afternoon, in the midst of my frustration...I thought, I'm not going to give him fruit in a cup again....NO...I'm going to cut up this beautiful, scrumptious peach, and give it to my starving son. What a nice mom. To sacrifice my own treat for my child. So I cut up the juice filled peach, in perfect little squares, and put it on Cohen's tray full of 3 lunches. He went in for a couple and then THREW THEM ON THE FLOOR....if you are not familiar with a toddler, this means...."I'm not eating this crap!"

I about died. This about sums up the day I've had today. Ohhhhhh the joys of motherhood. But while my day hasn't been the best, and I still have dinner yet to make, I still got to eat my peach. Even if it was leftovers from my picky, disgraceful =), child....I still got my treat and it tasted just as good from the floor as it does on the first bite.

So my lesson from today....when life gives you a peach....cut it up, throw it on the floor, and eat it. Savor it. You won't have this time forever, so savor every minute. A little dirt won't hurt. It only makes you appreciate the full, untouched, peach more.

Hope you all have a peachy day and very dirty peachy weekend. =)


Lavish Memories Photography said...

awww Carley I loved this post!! :)

melanie said...

you sure can make a peach look yummy!!

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