Friday, September 18, 2009


As you read in an earlier post....Cohen has a stuffed hippo named rory that makes his life complete. He takes him everywhere he goes. To make sure nothing ever happened to rory, we bought a couple more just in case. Lately, we have 2 that he uses, but only one at a time. Till now. He's just figured out that we have two and he loves to carry them both around. I even found both of them in his crib the other morning when he woke up. He was soo excited.

Well, this morning was no exception. He found both rorys and decided he wanted to even eat with them. He cried and cried until I let him share his breakfast with him. He was sooo happy and I will admit, it was adorable. So I had to get my camera out to document this lovely event. Enjoy!

Silly boy!!!

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